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Atrium Design by Cheryl A. Swinney
Grand Entrance Design by Cheryl A. Swinney
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About Cheryl A. Swinney Interior Design

Cheryl A. SwinneyCheryl A. Swinney Interior Design is an exclusive design firm with over twenty five years experience in custom residential and commercial interiors.  CAS Interior Design employs a staff of Associate Designers and Project Managers available to coordinate nearly any size project.  We specialize in large-scale residential homes and executive offices.  With vast experience involving both new construction and remodel interior design work, Cheryl is involved with every aspect of the operation.   A vigorous travel schedule allows Cheryl to ensure quality on projects in Florida as well as much of central and Western U.S. including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma; with several prospective international projects.

Cheryl A. Swinney Interior Design can offer a wide range of services to meet individual design needs.  With a vast network of contacts, sources, associates and contractors, anything from strictly consulting to full project design and management are available through this design firm.

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